Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New to this part of the E-world

By popular demand, if a facebook status quiz counts as popular demand, I have decided to join the blogging world. The reason? To share my day-to-day goingson, to give you insight into my thoughts and opinions, and to maybe just maybe make you smile or laugh every once in a while.

2009 has proven to be quite the year for me, I got married to an amazing man, José Ramón, finished my masters degree, and am expecting my first child. Because of all these changes, there just might be interesting things to share. Plus, living in Puebla, Mexico for many of you is a completely foreign and strange endeavor, that I promise has its hilarious and/or humbling moments that just need to be shared.

However, I make no promises. I don't promise that this will be interesting or entertaining and I don't promise I'll be any good at it. I do promise to try, though.

So, if you dare, check back and see what life is like at Casa Alvarez.