Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Update

We are getting settled in the new house. It's much bigger, much quiter and much closer to work for me which are all nice things. I'll post soon about the move including pictures. To get yourselves prepared, just start imagining. My favorite picture is called Couch Piñata, so that might give you an idea!

Right now we don't have internet or cable at home so I haven't been updated in the blog or facebook world. I have been getting all caught up on my Mexican soap operas. I know the whole line up. We start with Lo que Callamos las Mujeres, followed by Cada Quien su Santo, then Pobre Diabla, Mujer Comprada and, Ramon and my personal favorite, Pasión Morena. I like reminiscing back to when I first moved here and I would watch these channels and not understand anything. Now, I can follow the stories (which are super complicated, not) and even listen along from another room.

Little by little, I'm getting everything unpacked and put away. My prize to myself will be a Christmas tree, so I'm definitely motivated. I think we'll do a little painting this weekend to get rid of the institution white walls and hopefully on Sunday we can put up a tree!

More stories and pictures to come, soon!!