Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Please Pronounce Goo Air

This is a website that is called go ear. Apparently you can listen to music on the internet. This is also good for students. Unfortunately, you cannot open this website at the school because it uses to much bandwidth. The good news is, there are applications and also devices that play music through something called the radio or compact discs or MP3. I would tell you what MP3 stands for, but I just don't know. On a less obnoxious note, I really do believe in the importance and value of playing music for children. I have found it soothing, motivating, and when you plug in really obnoxious students who never work, they surprisingly produce quality work. Not all students work well with music, but a lot do. Lose fear of the iPod. Let your students listen to them in class. You won't be sorry.

Super Sticky

Oh, guess what, y'all? I can write in Spanish, too. I'm not nearly as interesting or funny, but still just as good looking.

You can make super awesome sticky note images at

Creating a Blog

Dear everyone,

I am learning something very exciting in the course I am taking about integrating technology into the classroom. It is called a blog. I hope that I can learn to use this tool successfully.

Ok, so maybe I'm being sarcastic and maybe I'm wishing that I could spend my time doing something different.

Here's the good news. I have to use the blog to post things about education or technology or something. I don't really know because I was busy on Teachers Pay Teachers, that's like the pinterest for teachers. When I wasn't on that, I was checking my email. When I wasn't doing that, I was on Facebook. So, moral of the story, I am utilizing my knack for tuning out Spanish right now. So that maybe wasn't news at all.

But, here is some news. I have to tell you that I have fallen back in love with education. I have fallen in love with teaching and learning. I might want to write about it, so for those of you who don't love teaching and learning, this blog might get boring. But, let's be honest, anything is less boring than not posting since December. Am I right? Something's better than nothing.

In other news, I have to get glasses. All of this renewed love for teaching has inspired a lot of reading and writing, and now I can't see anymore and have had a headache for the past three weeks.

In completely unrelated news, I have also fallen back in love with coffee. Morning, noon, night. I love it.

See you around the blogosphere.