Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We're getting all excited about the recording...


Good and Bad

Bad first.

An avatar that is an alien. How cool is that, right? Maybe, if I didn't have a sick baby at home to whom I'd rather be attending. And maybe, not even then.

Good second.

My first group of students who I taught during my student teaching are graduating from high school. In most schools, once those students leave the elementary school campus, a teacher might never see them again. At a school like ours, where our students are our students from when they're 2 to when they're 18, these kids keep coming back. It's amazing to see the fifth grader who caused problems anywhere and everywhere has become a grown man, with a beard ew, but is respectful, kind, caring and successful. It's so rewarding to have an 18 year old giant say, "Miss, remember when you helped me with my project when the rain ruined it?" It makes you feel incredible to see the smile when a student tells you his name and you respond with, "But, you had glasses. Didn't you?" "Meeeeeees, you remembered!"

Adults are forgettable. Kids are not. We, as educators, have the opportunity to change or affect a child's life, to burn something into their memory that will last forever. We have that opportunity every day. What a privilege. And, as they say, with great privilege, comes great responsibility. Teachers, make that memory positive. Make it a memory that will make you smile seven years from now. Make it a memory that turns a Monday that was fixing to be ugly, into one of the best days of the year.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


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Because you all were missing the sweet, sweet sound of my voice.


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